Chasdei Naomi began almost 30 years ago with one bus full of Jewish children. When the driver noticed that some children came regularly without supplies, food, proper clothing and smiles, he began delivering food and other necessities anonymously to those families. Witnessing first hand the difference his packages made, his work expanded, people joined him and Chasdei Naomi was born.
Today Chasdei Naomi works with corporations and service providers as well as a network of 20,000 dedicated volunteers to provide food and other basic needs for 10,000 families throughout Israel."We are one family. That is how we see them and so, that is how they feel.
"Close to our hearts are those at the particular disadvantage of being a single parent or an orphan (a child who has lost one or both parents).
Chasdei Naomi sees it as our mission to ensure that widows can care for their children and that orphans do not want for anything- even a wedding of their dreams.

Rabbi Shlomo Amar Shlita Rishon LeZion, Chief Rabbi of Israel
Rabbi Yona Metzger Shlita, Chief Rabbi of Israel