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Chasdei Naomi

An association for Holocaust survivors, Soldiers, and families in need.

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This week Chasdei Naomi helped Holocaust survivors cook a warm meal for IDF Soldiers Chasdei Naomi is a non profit organization that was established in Israel over 40 years ago,

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distributing care packagess

Weekly summary of the program to assist residents of the south and IDF soldiers The Chasdei Naomi organization worked this week on several fronts at the same time. Blessed projects

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Chasdei Naomi is enlisting to assist in the War of Iron Swords The Chasedi Naomi organization has been operating for almost 40 years, providing assistance to thousands of families, the

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Chasedi Naomi is providing comfort to bereaved families through a visiting program. CHasdei Naomi established the “Consolation” initiative for consoling and supporting bereaved families from the tragedy of the past

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