Dear Chasdei Naomi volunteers, administrators, and founders

Chasdei Naomi is currently celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of its establishment. Over the years of its existence the organization has aided tens of thousands of needy families, hundreds of thousands of children from disadvantaged homes, and countless brides and grooms who, without such assistance, would have been unable to wed in a spirit of festivity.


Letter of Congratulations

I would like to congratulate the volunteers of Chasdei Naomi – headed by the honored Rabbi Yosef Cohen, a man of wide-ranging activity and a tireless promoter of charitable causes and deeds of benevolence – on the thirtieth anniversary of the organization’s founding.


Dear volunteers,

Please accept my sincere congratulations on 30 years of Chasdei Naomi activity.
For three decades your admirable organization has been a ray of hope for tens of thousands of needy families in all parts of the country; moreover, your good works are done on a volunteer basis and in a warm and loving spirit.


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