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Volunteering in Tel Aviv

Volunteering in Tel Aviv

התנדבות-בתל-אביבAbout the organization:
Chasdei Naomi was established by Yosef Cohen and has been active since 1985. The aim of Chasdei Naomi is to assist needy families in Israel by distributing food, clothing, and so on. The organization has a workforce of more than 20,000 volunteers who work in 40 distribution points in Israel, including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other cities.‎ Chasdei Naomi regularly supports more than 10,000 families throughout Israel, and in addition there are those who receive temporary help from the organization.

The volunteer workforce: ‎ ‎
If you are would like to become part of the organization’s family of volunteers and help to collect and distribute food for needy families, this is just the place for you! Through the organization you can help many needy families in the Tel Aviv area and thanks to your work you will put a smile on the face of yet another child.
Volunteering in Tel Aviv in the organization is suitable for anyone. Anyone, from teenagers to adults, can volunteer as individuals or as groups of up to 30 volunteers at a time.

Starting to volunteer:

To become part of Chasdei Naomi’s volunteer workforce in Tel Aviv or throughout the country:

Call 97236777777 or *4945 or email: or fill out your details in the attached form and we will contact you as soon as possible:

Click to volunteer in Chasdei Naomi’s branches:

Volunteering in Bat Yam
Volunteering in Jerusalem

For all the volunteering possibilities in Chasdei Naomi

Feedback from our volunteers…

Sapir P. (a soldier): I was very glad that my commanders managed to find time in our busy schedule so we could come and help people who need it in the organization. The experience was amazing and gave us a good feeling. Giving without asking for anything in return is a privilege and a choice and I am happy to have volunteered. Thank you”…!

Gil Sofer: “A wonderful place, I was privileged to see what is behind the collection points in the streets. I understood the importance and the hard work behind it … I was happy to help a little –well done.”

Itamar: Thank G-d, it’s really fun to help pack the boxes. I felt that it contributed a lot to me.”

Tal Aryeh: “Chasdei Naomi is a place that makes everyone want to volunteer and contribute and to be part of this vast thing, thanks to which more and more families are happy and satisfied…”

Yuval (high school student): “Contributing to needy families was very moving. I felt that I was giving to other people and this gave me a good feeling. I was really glad to take a break from school and from my everyday routine to contribute and help others, this feeling of satisfaction and giving is one that I wouldn’t give up for anything…”


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