a group of young volunteers from Ida Crown Jewish Academy, all the way from Chicago IL, USA.

Chicago Teens Volunteer in Israel

Students from the Ida Crown Jewish Academy are on a three week visit to Israel, during which they’ve been visiting significant destinations around Israel.
The group stopped by the Wailing wall, Mt. Herzel, the Shuk in Jerusalem, and Chasdei Naomi’s Jerusalem Branch.

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picking crops

Farming Crops in Israel

“Wow, I was expecting volunteers! Thank you so much!” The Chasdei Naomi Team Volunteered from their personal free time, to pick crops with the farmer who helps provide fresh food for holocaust survivors and families in need.

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Tzipora Hanukah

Celebrating Hanukah with Holocaust Survivors

“You are like angels, thank you! I am so happy to see you again!” Since October 7, 2023, Reeli and many other Holocaust survivors feel that the nightmare continues, and find themselves feeling that Judaism is in danger again. 
Therefore, Chasdei Naomi came up with a festive initiative in honor of Hanukah!

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60 days

60 days of war and the first night Hanukah

Tonight we light the first candle of Hanukah this year, and across Israel, together with the Hanukkah candles, candles are lit in memory of our loved ones. In these two months, Chasdei Naomi visits the homes of families and IDF bases to bring them light.

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