Are you looking for a partner? Are you hoping that your Son or Daughter will have a decent and good marriage? A good match for one of your friends?
Now it is the time!
There is a very well-known and famous virtue in which you need to pray on the grave of Rabbi Yonatan Ben Uziel, who is buried at Amukka.

In two weeks on the date of K.V Sivan, there will be the memorial day of the passing of the righteous Rabbi. On this particular day, a big opportunity is given to everyone who seeks to find a good match and hopefully good marriage. Moreover, The event is going to take place at Amukka on the Rabbi’s grave, with a group of religious students!

Praying on the grave of the Righteous Rabbi Yonatan Ben Uziel at Amuuka is well known for helping people find a decent match and a good marriage.

Do not miss this rare opportunity! Even if you do not need to find a decent match or marriage, Praying on his Grave is known for providing good health, prosperity, and success on every path!

Your donation is going to help orphan Brides and Grooms which are being supported by the association of Chasdei Naomi. In addition, The donation could be made using a Credit card or through PayPal. On every donation, you will receive a receipt that is known for tax purposes, in your email from the association of Chasdei Naomi which works endlessly to support Holocaust survivors, Widows, Orphans, and families in need all over the country.

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