Food Baskets

I get calls everyday. My phone does not stop ringing. Most often the calls are from mothers with no food in the house for their children. It’s painful- painful to get these calls, but I know that I can tell her, “This week, and from now on, you will have food.”

Yaffa, Director of Food Distribution.

Basic needs are more than helping people survive. Children without lunch or books tend to skip class, often acting out so that attention is paid to their behavior and not their lack of food and supplies. This of course begins a quickly deteriorating situation of kids missing class and misbehaving, leading to poor performance, non-advancement, and ultimately, failure. This greatly reduces their chances at creating a better future for themselves and their own children.

Our food baskets are available at 40 distribution points around Israel. They are packed with the dry goods and staples families need such as sugar, pasta, coffee, canned vegetables, oil, flour, including formula and cereal for 500 babies.

These food baskets are a lifeline to our families. They meet their physical needs by providing the nourishment essential to life and well-being, but moreover they give our families normalcy and enable them to retain their dignity. Dignity is a vital ingredient in any attempt at financial and social improvement and we see first hand that it is the difference between recovery, or continued reliance on aid.

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