Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulates Chasdei Naomi for on Thirty Years of Activity


Dear Chasdei Naomi volunteers, administrators, and founders,

            Chasdei Naomi is currently celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of its establishment. Over the years of its existence the organization has aided tens of thousands of needy families, hundreds of thousands of children from disadvantaged homes, and countless brides and grooms who, without such assistance, would have been unable to wed in a spirit of festivity.

            Chasdei Naomi was founded by Rabbi Yosef Cohen who, as a child, himself experienced poverty and want. Faith and a sense of mission drove Rabbi Yosef to effect real change, as manifested in the organization’s motto: “No family shall remain hungry.” With extraordinary talent and help from good people Rabbi Yosef succeeded in realizing his dream.

            At the forty Chasdei Naomi branches dispersed throughout the country, thousands of volunteers distribute food, clothing and money to tens of thousands of needy families. By means of this activity the families not only obtain nourishing provisions, but also enjoy a sense of support on the part of society as a whole.

            In honor of the organization’s thirtieth anniversary, I congratulate Rabbi Yosef Cohen and the many volunteers who, motivated by a sense of mutual responsibility, mobilize week after week to aid thousands of needy families.

            May the next thirty years witness your fulfillment of the verse: “They go from strength to strength.”




Benjamin Netanyahu

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