Weddings for Orphans

467006-אולם ארמונות חן שעל ידי חסדי נעמיThe pride and joy of founder Yosef Cohen is Armonot Chen, the deluxe wedding complex created for the express purposes of giving orphans a wedding day to cherish. The six halls are of the highest standard and are rented out nightly for a total of 80 weddings a month!

Proceeds from these affairs go to support our free weddings for orphans program. Depending on the circumstances of the bride and groom the wedding costs are covered to various extents. This often includes a dress for the bride, a suit for the groom, all costs of the hall and in certain cases, catering as well.

It is within this program that we see the greatest miracles!

You can help an orphan start the rest of their lives by supporting this one of a kind program! See here for details.

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