First in the world: Corona effect – Chasdei Naomi establishes the charity drone unit

The Chasdei Naomi organization launched today the “Chasdei Shamayim” campaign, in which Chasdei Naomi uses quadcopters, as a part of its activities. At Chasdei Naomi, the news is conveyed with great excitement, since according to the association, Operation “Chasdei Shamayim” is the first step towards a much larger move – the launch of the Chasdei Naomi quadcopter unit, in which Chasdei Naomi is considering to advance and use quadcopters in some of their activities.

According to Chasdei Naomi, as far as is known, this seems to be the first initiative in the world, certainly in Israel, in the framework of which the Welfare and Food Distribution Association use quadcopters.

Recently, Chasdei Naomi have been in contact with a variety of key players in the quadcopter field from the international arena, including a well-known international technology corporation, startups and more. This is part of the association’s research program, which includes the assimilation of technologies at Chasdei Naomi for the purpose of the organization’s efficiency.

Needy in Anxiety 

Chasdei Naomi Elaborate and explain that they took this task seriously as the Corona made it very clear that the world is not ready for emergency action in disaster-stricken areas or for providing an on-time response to new situations imposed on our reality.

For example, Chasdei Naomi is telling us that during the covid-19 pandemic, especially in the beginning – some of the elderly – were simply afraid to get help in fear of getting infected. And so, amongst other things, the idea of ​​the quadcopter unit was born. This special unit allows Chasdei Naomi to offer support without direct human contact or proximity. “It´s a classic example,” executives at Chasdei Naomi Said, “because even if the elderly or any other target audience are overly anxious, it doesn’t really matter because this is a new situation that needs to be addressed. Just as the Covid-19 changed the state of mind of those supported, Chasdei Naomi, too, needs to adapt to the change.”

“Anxiety about near proximity and touch for example are new factors that need to be taken into account. A solution should be found and given. we have a responsibility to those in need” they continue, and emphasize “Covid-19 has created a new audience of citizens in need of support, including people who suffer from anxiety and who will rather give up interaction even if it is a gesture of support. And when it comes to the elderly, the situation is twice as difficult because even if they are given food, they have a hard time lifting it, so we usually have to go into their homes and put the food on the table, and even more when it comes to people with disabilities. ”

Along with the technical need for a contact-less solution, the use of quadcopters also addresses the emotional element of anxiety because it offers grace and surprise to those receiving it. “It just brings a smile to your face, making the moment in which they receive the support a positive moment that raises a smile and blurs the sense of being supported.” The idea was also reinforced by a number of social workers and psychologists consulted by Chasdei Naomi’s management. We interviewed a sample of respondents who were asked about the feeling of receiving assistance through quadcopters and most of them stated that this brings a smile and produces a positive experience for them.

Chasdei Naomi’s Operation “Chasdei Shamayim” as stated before, is the first step in launching the quadcopter unit. In this first step, Chesdei Naomi are aspiring to reach 40 operational quadcopters that will bring food vouchers to families in each of the 40 distribution points across the country. (Chasdei Naomi have already distributed over half a million shekels in vouchers since the start of the pandemic).

At the moment, this first Rosh Hashanah quadcopter, included food and supply vouchers. This year, we are preparing for a record number of needy, including families, the elderly and Holocaust survivors. You can help them with food for the holiday in this link. “We need every bit of help! Elderly, mothers, holocaust survivors and more are all begging for help, more than ever!”

Yosef Cohen Founder and Chairman of Chasdei Naomi: “I am already over 70, God willing, and I have 30 great-grandchildren. Adapting to change is natural for me. The Chasdei Naomi foundation is accustomed to working in emergencies and will be there for the needy by air, sea, land and in any other situation that may be required. During Tsuk Eitan, I went with the volunteers down to the south of Israel and we distributed food under fire with protective vests and helmets and today we are in a battle of a different kind that requires the use of technological tools, and so it will be. ”

Chasdei Naomi has been around for 35 years and operates 20,000 volunteers through 40 distribution points, 4 logistics warehouses and a fleet of 20 trucks and cars.


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