Good Deeds Day: The Council for Higher Education Volunteer

The Council for Higher Education Volunteer

“This is an amazing place that does amazing things!” – Volunteers from The Council for Higher Education 

Chasdei Naomi’s Jerusalem branch recently welcomed volunteers from the Council for Higher Education for a special initiative. Together, they dedicated their time to assembling food care packages for Holocaust survivors, soldiers, and families in need. This collaborative effort showcased the power of community engagement and support, bringing together individuals from different backgrounds for a common cause. 

A Heartwarming Collaboration

The event at Chasdei Naomi’s branch was a touching display of compassion and solidarity. Volunteers worked tirelessly to pack essential food items, knowing that their efforts would directly impact the lives of those in need. The atmosphere was filled with positivity and a shared sense of purpose as volunteers united to make a meaningful difference in the community.

Holocaust survivors, soldiers, and struggling families are among the most vulnerable groups in society, and the care packages assembled by the volunteers will provide crucial support and relief. This partnership between Chasdei Naomi and the Council for Higher Education exemplifies a shared commitment to social responsibility and community service, highlighting the importance of lending a helping hand to those facing challenges.


The volunteers’ dedication to this initiative reflects a deep sense of generosity and kindness. Their involvement in the project underscores the values of compassion and support that both Chasdei Naomi and the Council for Higher Education uphold. By working together, they have demonstrated the transformative impact of collective action and the significance of coming together to support those in need.


Chasdei Naomi expresses gratitude for the volunteers’ support and looks forward to future collaborations with the Council for Higher Education and other community partners. Together, they will continue to create a more caring and inclusive society, where individuals facing hardship receive the assistance and compassion they deserve. This partnership serves as a beacon of hope and unity, inspiring others to join hands in making a positive difference in the lives of those who need it most.


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