“Purim is not a happy holiday for me 😢 Maybe thanks to you I can rejoice in it”

For many of the boys and girls at risk – Purim has never been a happy holiday. While many children will celebrate Purim with their parents, and with colorful costumes – these teens will be heavy hearted. Purim is just another reminder for them that this year, too, they will not celebrate the holiday with their parents or other family members.

This year, too, he will not be able to dress up as a policeman as he always dreamed.

Once again this year, she will not be able to dress up as a beautiful princess.

For them Purim is not a happy holiday 😟

That’s exactly why the Chasdei Naomi organization came out with a special project – in which they will give a Purim gift of 200 shekels to 125 youth in difficult financial and family situations.

Among the youth recieving this Purim gift, at-risk children and teenagers will be included. They are all growing up  in orphanages or foster homes, outside of their family home for various tragic reasons.

These are boys and girls that come from a difficult family background, they are unhappy children, most of whom do not grow up with their parents or their natural family. Those who do live or are in touch with their biological parents don’t get anything from their parents, not even the most elemental thing. These children have to take care of everything on their own. Food, clothes, entertainment and everything a boy or girl their age needs. Some even work at every possible job to keep their parents and other siblings at home as well!

So vice versa!

Let’s change this Purim holiday for them – may they rejoice together with all the people of Israel!

Mishenichnas Adar marbin b’simcha.

When [the month of] Adar arrives, we increase our joy!

For donations to at-risk youth, click here, call +972-3-6777777 or visit the Giusim website 👇🏼

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