First Torah Scroll to Be Written in Memory of the Maran, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef ZTK”L

The Maran’s sons, headed by the Rishon le-Zion, the Chief Rabbi of Israel, write the first letters of a Torah scroll in memory of their father ZTK”L

At a huge gathering held this week to mark the end of the shiva, the seven-day period of mourning for the light of his generation, the Maran, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef ZTK”L, with thousands of people in attendance including the foremost Torah sages of our generation, Hasdei Naomi launched an initiative aimed at perpetuating the memory of the Maran through the writing of a Torah scroll.

The Rishon le-Zion, Chief Rabbi of Israel Yitzhak Yosef and all of the Maran’s sons wrote the first letters of the Torah scroll and called upon all Jews to take part in this important commandment.

Other figures who were honored with the writing of letters in the Torah scroll

included Council of Torah Sages member HaRav HaGaon Shimon Badani, HaRav HaGaon Shimon Ben Shlomo, HaRav HaGaon Makhlouf Fahima, HaRav HaGaon Zelikha, and other public figures including, notably, Hasdei Naomi Chairman Rabbi Yosef Cohen.

At the gathering Rabbi Yosef Cohen noted that, over the course of Hasdei Naomi’s 30 years of activity, the Maran ZTK”L would encourage and reinforce the work of the organization’s staff and volunteers. On every visit to the Rabbi we would all be welcomed most cordially and receive warm words of commendation for our activity on behalf of the needy. Moreover, in several of his regular Motsaei Shabbat (Saturday night) sermons the Rabbi mentioned his personal acquaintance with Hasdei Naomi and its chairman, even calling upon the public at large to support the organization and its efforts.

Those who wish to take part in the writing of the Torah scroll may do so via Chasdei Naomi’s main 972-3-677-777. A contribution of 10 shekels will entitle you to participate in the writing of the Torah scroll in memory of the Maran ZTK”L. Donors will receive a rare and exquisite picture of the Maran that will beautify their homes.



הראשון לציון הרב הראשי לישראל הרב  יצחק יוסף שליטא בכתיבת האותיות לעילוי נשמת מרן

הרב בעדני בכתיבת האותיות הראשונות בספר התורה לעילוי נשמת מרן

We are all partners in the writing of the holy Torah scroll


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  1. Is there a way to contribute online to the writing of the torah scroll in memeory of the Rav ?

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