“To Water Those Thirsting for Your Kindness”

Prominent Charitable Organization Chasdei Naomi Installs Water Cooler for Travelers from Bnei Brak to Meron

Cooler Provides 6,000 Cups of Cold Water per Hour

In order to make things more pleasant for those awaiting the bus to Meron in scorching heat, Chasdei Naomi has installed a huge water cooler on Chazon Ish Street in Bnei Brak. The cooler is equipped with 4 faucets that dispense 6,000 cups’ worth of cold water per hour, and with a storage rack that holds thousands of disposable cups.

Rabbi Yosef Cohen, Chair of Chasdei Naomi, says that each year he sees the throngs of people, some of them young children, standing parched under the harsh sun as they wait for the bus, and that this year he decided to make advance preparations for these families in the form of a water cooler that would provide them with cold water free of charge.

-מתקן שתיה קרה שהועמד עי חסדי נעמי לרווחת ציבור הנוסעים למירון מבני ברק

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