A special interview of Israeli News 14 with elderly with an amputated leg

Israeli News 14 reviewed the appalling conditions which the elderly have to face while living in Israel.
The low allowances that the elderly receive do not leave them a choice except to give up on the very minimal living conditions.
Many elderly live in apartments that do not have heating in the winter. Or even worse, they live in apartments that do not have windows that can be closed.

Chasdei Naomi assists Shaul Baruch, who lives in Jerusalem and has only a hole in the wall that serves as his window and cannot be closed.
Shaul tells his life story to News 14.

Shaul Baruch lives in Jerusalem in a small apartment with a window that cannot be closed. He is elderly, with an amputated foot following diabetes. Shaul found it meaningful to mention that he served in the Israeli army and was a combat soldier under the command of Arik Sharon.
Today he lives by only NIS 4,000 allowance he receives from the state.

The winter in Jerusalem is fridge cold. The weather reaches low temperatures, and Shaul has to deal with the cold.
Shaul’s apartment has no window, only an opening in the wall that cannot be closed. Shaul has to deal with the cold in the apartment. He has no means to heat his apartment. Shaul has no choice, and his way to warm up is with the help of several blankets.

During his interview with Israeli News 14, Shaul says that he receives help from his neighbors and assistance from the organization Chasdei Naomi.

Shaul, like many other elderly and holocaust survivors, is supported by the Chasdei Naomi organization. Due to high financial costs, such as rent, electricity bills, dental care, and other vast expenses. The association brings them equipment to make them warmer, food, and financial aid.

Any donation is meaningful, Shaul says: “every man according to his ability.”

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