The major campaign titled “no story, history” to commemorate the existence of the Holocaust

“Adolf Hitler’s Spouse to the Prime Minister of Poland: This is not a story – this is history”


This is not a story – this is history: A major campaign titled “no story, history” is currently flooding Poland and Israel. It’s looking to commemorate the existence of the Holocaust, and the historical facts known to all – as we approach the International Holocaust Remembrance Day (January 27th).
The message is emphasized in Poland, particularly due to Poland’s attempt to deny its involvement in the Holocaust.

The campaign consists of a video with Eva Braun’s interview with the Polish Prime Minister as well as huge printed posters with images of the faces of Hitler and children from the Holocaust. The posters are mounted on vehicles, that circulate through the Polish parliament, television stations, and central areas of Warsaw.
Check out the interview with “Eva Braun” below.

Fake vs. fake: Secretly, the Chasdei Naomi organization planed its biggest campaign. The largest welfare organization in Israel, which supports over 130,000 Israelis and thousands of Holocaust survivors alike. The technology chosen by Chasdei Naomi is significant as well. The video, made using Deep Fake technology, conveys a message about falsifying reality.
Following the video, the viewer is directed to a special website,, on which testimonies from Holocaust survivors are presented. You can click here to go to the website. 

According to Chasdei Naomi, we live in a time when some people try to present fake as reality. Teenagers post filtered pictures online, and regularly confuse reality with imagination, thus creating a dangerous norm. “There must be a way to make the information about the Holocaust accessible to future generations while making certain that we keep history as it is, and do not change it”. This applies to digital and traditional media – and when it comes to governments, the responsibility is even greater.

So, “We turn to you, Mr. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, just before International Holocaust Remembrance Day: Apologize! Apologize and admit Poland’s role in the Holocaust to the Jewish people. ”

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