All children need school supplies

School supplies is necessary for all children

The end of the school year arrives and with it the beginning of a new project in purchasing new school supplies for their children.

Each of us knows the wonderful feeling of renewal and buying, the excitement and desire to renew.

Yet not all parents can promise their children new equipment for the next school year.

Prices are only rising in all fields and the price increase of school supplies is a difficult reality with harsh effects on many families.
Buying notebooks, pens, school bags, and stationery is becoming a heavy expense for many parents. An ongoing economic challenge that many must face.
Chasdei Naomi helps deprived families through a wide variety of channels, helping a significant number of families to ensure their future and the future of their children.

One of the ways Chasdei Naomi NGO helps parents with financial difficulties is by
distributing new school supplies.

Every year the organization launches a special Back to School campaign and
purchases new school bags, stationery, and more equipment required for school.

The goal is to ensure that each child has the necessary equipment for quality
education so that they can fully devote themselves to their studies.
As part of the Back to School campaign, the organization receives school supplies and collects financial donations to buy new equipment.

The importance of the campaign lies in understanding the value of the future
generation. Every child deserves the opportunity to develop and learn without fear and without worry due to their parent& financial situation.

The campaign helps the next generation to receive an education, to be creative and developed, and ready to face future challenges.

If you would like to support Chasdei Naomi& Back to School campaign and give
equal opportunity to children in necessity, you can visit the Giusim website and
learn more about donation and support options. Together we can promote quality
education and give children and youth the tools for a promising future.

Come and support Chasdei Naomi Back to School project, click here to donate.
Each donation can help the organization purchase additional equipment and distribute it to another deprived child.

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