The best deal of Shavuot

Psagot Program embarked on an exciting operation led by Chasdei Naomi

Psagot and Chasdei Naomi

Chasdei Naomi has been assisting needy families for over 40 years throughout the year, on holidays and holidays.

On Shavuot, the association embarked on a special and especially important cooperation on the holiday. Chasdei Naomi, together with the Psagot program, will lead to the collection and distribution of food products to Holocaust survivors, the elderly, and disadvantaged families in Israel.

The Psagot program is a prestigious program in the IDF. This program enables high school graduates with high academic abilities to serve in the IDF research and development systems. The trainees will study for four years and then return to service. The program offers specialized training that includes an officers course.

The trainees of this program will collect a variety of products, pack packages and distribute them to the organization supported people. They will store the products outside various supermarkets throughout the country. The products that the young society will collect are divided into different categories to ensure that all basic needs are in the food baskets.

Canned goods include tuna, pickles, olives, corn, and peas. Among the legumes: rice, flour, chickpeas, beans, and tomato paste. Sweet products and snacks include chocolate, spreadable chocolate, bamba, and cereal. Among the basic products: Oil, salt, flour, and more in each package. They also added a bottle of grape juice for Kiddush on the holiday. All products collected and distributed are kosher and do not require refrigeration.

Chasdei Naomi, founded in 1984 by Rabbi Yosef Cohen, focuses on helping deprived families to improve their quality of life completely. Especially before the holidays, the organization improves the quality of life of 25,000 disadvantaged families on a regular basis.

Chasdei Naomi collaboration with the Psagot Program is one of the
organization most important initiatives, fulfilling its goal of providing food packages to those who need them, during the upcoming special holiday.


With this spectacular program, Chasdei Naomi continues to tackle the challenge of poverty and those in need of social assistance. The wonderful activity of the association gives people in distress hope and faith in providing the right solutions. Through many volunteers and supporters, Chasdei Naomi continues to help thousands of Holocaust survivors, the elderly, and families in need of economic support.

If you are also interested in supporting and being part of this important work, you can donate to Chasdei Naomi various projects here.

Together, we can provide help and a warm hug to those who need that and ensure a blessed and happy Shavuot holiday for all families in Israel.

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