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Bringing Love to IDF Soldiers and Residents in the Gaza Envelope

Due to the increasing requests and demands, the “Chasdei Naomi” organization is launching an emergency collection and distribution operation for donations and shipments to IDF soldiers and residents in the southern region. We invite everyone to participate and contribute:

– *Food* (sealed, non-perishable)
– *Clothing* (new items only!)
– *Hygiene products* (soaps, toothpaste)
– *Equipment* (chargers, flashlights, batteries)
– *Treats and goodies* for soldiers
– *Clothing and toys* (new items only!) for evacuated children

Come now to the nearest “Chasdei Naomis” branch near you:

*Tel Aviv*
Tishrei St. 54, Hatikva Neighborhood
Contact Hodiyah: 052-7884477

Beit HaDfus St. 31, Givat Shaul
Contact Yisrael: 052-7661075

*Bat Yam*
Yitzhak Nephacha St. 2 (Notsar Theater)
Contact Miri: 052-3867719

Toldano St. 74, Neighborhood A
Contact Avi: 052-7661155

*Bnei Brak*
Bar Yochai St. 10
Contact: 03-6777-777

*For the rest of the country and additional information:*
Phone / WhatsApp
Or visit:

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