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‘Chasadi Naomi’ volunteers are comforting, hugging, and strengthening the families of the disaster victims.

Thousands of broken families throughout the country. They lost their loved ones and were left with a huge hole in their hearts.

Hasadi Naomi feels the pain of the families and takes it upon herself to visit bereaved families and provide a dignified refreshment on Shiva.

Hasadi Naomi takes part in a very important social project that has started these days, visiting bereaved families.

Over 1000 families are mourning their family members. Hasadi Naomi sees supreme value and it is her duty to support these families in these terrible days. The association’s staff will visit the homes of the mourners, in order to strengthen and hug. The staff will bring a respectful refreshment to any family that just needs it.

Share in the grief of the bereaved families.

Do you know or have you heard of a family that died following the disaster? We would appreciate it if you let us know so that we can reach all the grieving families. Want to volunteer and come with us to comfort and strengthen?

Contact us on WhatsApp 03-6777777

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