Chasdei Naomi at the house of the President in honor of the 74th Independence Day!

The celebrations of the Independence Day of Israel officially started with a ceremony at the house of the President, featuring excellent soldiers, the President, The Prime minister, the Defense minister, the IDF chief commander and many respected and honorable figures. 
The event was in the mark of “Israeli light morning” and the Human capital of our country!

The independence day started officially with a very emotional ceremony at the house of the President. The ceremony was hosted by the President of Israel, Itzhak Herzog first time since his election.
The big event was lead by Amos Tamam and Doria Lemper, and was being broadcasted live on every news channel and the different media sites.

During the ceremony, Amos Tamam said; “Many Israelis and charity associations are connected as form of light maiden, investing time and effort for the sake of the other person are our most vital asset, is the humanity asset”

As a part of the human capital which defines our country and was mentioned by Amos Tamam at the Independence Day ceremony, Chasdei Naomi was mentioned. The association was established almost 40 years ago, and since then it is helping and supporting the lowest level class on a daily basis!
A charity association which helps and supports everyone without any discernment.
Rabbi Joseph Cohen, the CEO of Chasdei Naomi says ” I grew up in a very poor house, when a person says that he does not have any food or money I fully understand and feel his pain. No food is no food!”

The association has a big volunteer network which also includes Holocaust survivors like Chaim Margolis, who has been supported by the charity association, and out of the respect for he big support and help he has received, he decided to help and to volunteer too.
Chaim Margolis usually says: “They have been warming my house and my heart for all year long”. Chasdei Naomi believes in a personal attention to every person with warm support and love.

Chasdei Naomi is facing the ongoing battlefield of poverty of the people. In order to tackle the problem, the association helps and supports ten thousands of families, Holocaust survivors, widows, and elderly people in need by providing food and financial aid.

Rabbi Joseph Cohen has mentioned while speaking on the association: ” You would like to fix the world! that is my happiness, my joy , my pleasure” he summed up his words by saying “I wish everyone could give rather than receive”.

Chasdei Naomi appreciates every support and help, and excited to be part of the official Independence Day ceremony at the house of the President!

For supporting and helping the different projects of the association please click here

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