Emergency fund and support for the widows and the orphans of the heartbreaking attack on the city of ELAD

The eyes have not been dried yet from the tears. The head refuses to believe and the heart to understand.
Who is not horrified from the deadly Terror attack in the city of Elad on the Independence day of Israel!?

16 Orphans, 3 Widows!

Ateret, Ethan, Bareket, Nheorai, Or Haim, Yaheli, Noam, Emanuel, Raphael, Adelle, Shimon, Yoseph, Sarah,Hodaya, Emuna, Liora!
16 Orphans who stayed without Father!!!

Terror atteck in Elad


We cannot bring back their father! The mourning and the orphanage will remain forever! The pain and the emptiness would never be healed!

So lets everyone at least support them in the financial aspect for them to not have any worries of livelihood, food for children, for the orphans who remained without a Father.

The fund will be inspected and assured by the official accountant of the association of Chasdei Naomi, and the money which will be collected from the donations will be directly given to the families of the victims of the deadly terror attack .

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