Chasdei Naomi Thank IDF Soldiers with Winter Support

IDF Soldiers in Israel Receive Winter Care Packages from Holocaust Survivors

“You have really warmed our hearts, Thank you” says Hagai, IDF commander from Fort Shura.

This year, in addition to holocaust survivors, Chasdei Naomi distributed winter kits to IDF Soldiers.

Chasdei Naomi Staff and volunteers brought the blessed donations, that were assembled by Holocaust Survivors, for the IDF Soldiers Israel relies on.

Fort Shura: IDF Base

“There isn’t a single soldier here that’s not traumatized”

Hagai and countless other IDF soldiers have been away from their families since October 7. Fort Shura Specifically deals with fallen IDF Soldiers, many of which require multiple steps of DNA and forensic tests to be identified. Fort shura is the largest facility of its kind in the middle east. 

During and after the surprise attack on Israel, bodies from various scenes and battles were brought to this camp. For the purpose of identifying the bodies, military rabbinate personnel utilized technology and methods commonly used in archaeology.

During a tour of the facilities, Hagai shared tragic stories with us, which amplify the significance of Fort Shura and the importance of the soldiers who serve there.  

Psychiatric Professionals are readily available at fort shura, and every soldier speaks with them regularly, and is required to do so before returning home.

Due to the large numbers of bodies and parts, white structures which resemble shipping containers are utilized to accommodate for the lack of storage space.

Support IDF Soldiers

Chasdei Naomi  aid Holocaust survivors, in distributing winter kits to IDF soldiers. These soldiers, who have been away from their families since October 7, handle the identification and preparation for burial of fallen comrades, often requiring DNA and forensic tests. The commander, Hagai, expresses gratitude for the donations that warm their hearts amid their challenging duties. The facility provides psychiatric support for traumatized soldiers. Hagai’s tour underscores the tragic stories and the soldiers’ vital role at Fort Shura. 

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