Assembling Purim Cheer for IDF Soldiers

Purim Support for IDF Soldiers

“I have one of my own soldiers, and if we can just do something even very small, as packing some sweets [for them] ……It’s wonderful.”

In a heartwarming display of generosity and community spirit, Chasdei Naom embarked on a mission to spread joy and support to IDF soldiers across Israel. 

Partnering with the vibrant retirement community, “Protea Village,” the organization orchestrated a remarkable event centered around assembling and distributing Mishloach Manot, traditional Purim care packages, filled with an array of essential treats and goodies!

Volunteering to support IDF Soldiers

On a bright and bustling day at Protea Village, volunteers from Chasdei Naomi, alongside residents and supporters, gathered together with enthusiasm and dedication. Armed with an assortment of carefully selected items, generously donated by supporters of the organization, the team set to work assembling the Mishloach Manot packages with love and care.


Each package was meticulously curated to provide a taste of comfort and delight to its recipient. From classic staples like grape juice, halva, and tea, to indulgent treats such as cookies and chocolate, the packages were thoughtfully designed to bring a smile to the faces of IDF soldiers, who often sacrifice so much for the safety and security of our nation.


The contents of the care packages reflected the generosity of Chasdei Naomi’s supporters, with every item purchased directly through donations earmarked for this purpose. This ensured that every package was packed with love and gratitude, a tangible expression of appreciation for the dedication and bravery of our soldiers.

Mishloach-Manot Purim Care Packages

Among the items included were instant noodles, soup packets, instant coffee, tuna, mini Arabic cookies, and rice cakes, providing both sustenance and a taste of home for those serving far from their families and loved ones.


Following the assembly process, the Chasdei Naomi team, accompanied by residents of Protea Village, embarked on the next phase of their mission – distributing the care packages to IDF soldiers stationed throughout Israel. From bustling military bases to remote outposts, the packages traveled far and wide, carrying with them messages of support, gratitude, and solidarity.


The impact of this initiative extended beyond the tangible contents of the care packages. It served as a powerful reminder of the strength and unity of our community, and the unwavering commitment to supporting those who serve our country with courage and dedication.


As we celebrate the joyous festival of Purim, let us remember the importance of giving back and spreading kindness to those in need. Chasdei Naomi’s endeavor exemplifies the true spirit of Purim – a time for generosity, compassion, and unity.

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