COMFORT- consolation visits for the grieving families

Chasedi Naomi is providing comfort to bereaved families through a visiting program.

CHasdei Naomi established the “Consolation” initiative for consoling and supporting bereaved families from the tragedy of the past weekend on 07.20.23. CHasdei Naomi team visits the bereaved families with special packages, refreshments, and cakes. During these meetings, the team is exposed to personal stories from close individuals.

The primary goal of this initiative is to lend a listening ear to the families, provide support, and offer strength. The association also accompanies, when needed, families requesting further assistance.

CHasdei Naomi shares in the grief of all the bereaved families and hopes for peaceful days and good news soon!

The war that has been raging for more than three weeks has caused the deaths of nearly 1,400 Israelis. Among them are civilians, soldiers, men, women, and children. Grandparents, parents, children, siblings… Thousands of people are mourning one or more loved ones. Others are anxiously awaiting the return of those who are still being held by our enemies.

This is why CHasdei Naomi decided to visit grieving families, in an attempt to offer them a little comfort.


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