ongoing coverage: Chasdei Naomi is enlisting to assist the residents of the South and the soldiers

Chasdei Naomi is enlisting to assist in the War of Iron Swords

The Chasedi Naomi organization has been operating for almost 40 years, providing assistance to thousands of families, the elderly, and Holocaust survivors on a regular basis. Since the Terrible Saturday that struck the State of Israel, the organization has been mobilized to provide assistance to residents of the affected areas and soldiers.

Special coverage of Chasdei Naomi initiatives during the Iron Swords War

 Despite the great pain that does not let up since that Horrible Shabbat that changed the lives of all citizens, and despite the prayers for the kidnapped, the victims of the war and the security forces on the front line, there is a lot of hope.  These hopes are reflected in the wide-ranging work of the organization.

In These days, Chasdei Naomi has been running three major projects to provide assistance, strengthen, and comfort.

The project to assist families in the south includes distributing food packages to families in the south and evacuated families.

The project to strengthen soldiers includes distributing gift certificates, gift boxes, siddur, and more. Another project that the organization is running in recent days is a project to comfort bereaved families.

Thousands of volunteers and donors have joined forces with the organization to achieve a clear and ambitious goal: to provide comprehensive assistance to populations affected by the war.

In addition, we are not forgetting to help families and the elderly who need the organization’s support on a regular basis.

ASSISTANCE- Food and clothing distribution for residents of the south

Chasdei Naomi is stepping up to help families in the south, including those who were evacuated. The organization is providing them with dedicated food packages that include a variety of basic necessities and new clothing.

All of the products that Chasdei Naomi distributes are new. The organization purchases these products with the support of the public. The many donations to this project make it possible to purchase many products and distribute them to more families.

Chasdei Naomi packs food packages with a lot of care, making sure that breakable items are protected. Many volunteers come to the warehouse to help pack the food packages. They pack the products according to a list so that everything fits in the food package.

In addition to providing food packages, Chasdei Naomi is also collecting products from the public. The organization’s distribution points throughout the country are now collection points. People can come and donate products to help those in need. Station managers collect all the products, pack them, and distribute them to soldiers and families as needed.

Strengthen- Chasdei Naomi is distributing gift certificates and gifts to soldiers

Chasdei  Naomi is doing something really special for soldiers. They’re providing gift certificates, encouragement packages, and holy books to help boost morale and meet the needs of soldiers. They’ve received a lot of requests, and they’re working hard to make sure that everyone gets what they need.

The project includes distributing gift certificates to soldiers so they can buy what they want and need. The organization also provides pampering kits and modest gifts to cheer up and strengthen the soldiers. In response to requests from soldiers for sacred objects, Chasedi Naomi also distributes “Sidurs”, “Thillim”, and “Tzitzit”.

Comfort- visits to bereaved families

Chasdei  Naomi launched a project called “Le Nechem” to provide comfort and support to families who lost loved ones in the 07.10. 2023, Sabbath tragedy. A team from Chasdei Naomi visits families with special packages, soft drinks, and cakes. In these meetings, the team is exposed to close personal stories and special people.

The main goal of the project is to be a listening ear for the families, to support and strengthen them. The organization also provides additional support to families who request it.

Chasdei Naomi shares the grief of all the bereaved families and hopes for peaceful days and good news soon.

Hugging our soliders and the families of the south

Chasdei Naomi is currently working these days to assist all those affected by the disaster that befell the State of Israel on Sabbat, October 7, 2023. The organization is operating several projects with one clear goal: to assist and strengthen the families in the southern region and the soldiers.


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