Former president Reuben (Ruby) Rivlin congratulate Chasdei Naomi


Volunteers, directors, and founders of the “Chasdei Naomi” charity

I was excited to hear about your dedicated activity, which gives hope to many people who need it, especially these days. The corona crisis has devoured the routine of our lives at once. It even claimed human lives and became one of many crises and dangers we have faced over the years. 

Your crucial work expresses the fundamental values ​​of our people, thanks to which we have passed – and will face- all the threats that come our way: the moral ​​of community and mutual guarantee. The emergency array you set up in cooperation with the JSM, “Chased in Every Situation”, is another admirable project of yours, which corresponds with the complex reality we’re having.

From Jerusalem, I send my warmest congratulations on your blessed and meaningful initiative. May we’ll know better times, of health and quiet. Wishing you a Happy Passover, be strong and embrace!


Reuben (Ruby) Rivlin.

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