The hard evidence behind Bag2School campaign 2021

This year too, the Chasdei Naomi organization purchase new school supplies for needy families.
That is to help them prepare for returning to school.
The association helps all those children whose parents do not have the financial means to purchase new equipment for the school.

The “Bag2School” campaign was created from the personal experience of the association CEO, Rabbi Yosef Cohen.
He, as a child, experienced similar financial difficulties.
To this day, at the beginning of each school year, the rabbi accompanies the same memory.
His memory of the beginning of the school year with the absence of his parents means.
He would arrive back to school with used equipment.
He used to go to school with a plastic bag instead of a schoolbag and pencil case.
So that no child will experience similar embarrassment, Rabbi Yousef created this blessed campaign – Bag2School. This project provides a schoolbag for every child.
That includes a brand new orthopedic bag, new equipment, and writing tools as well!

Even today, during the global corona crisis, in the 2009-2010 school year, thousands of parents are experiencing financial difficulties and cannot support their children.
How can a child without a schoolbag and equipment, who feels different, concentrate on his studies?

Click and hear the testimonies of parents and children about the difficulty in choosing between food and equipment.

“…They want everything I can not… There’s a pencil sharpener that costs 8 NIS and one that costs one NIS”

“I can finally choose things I really wanted all this time”

“I’m big enough to understand that, they’re helping mom so she can get money”

Help us reach out to all those children who need our help and give them a full portfolio
includes a quality schoolbag and a set of new writing tools for the new year!

All this good will happen only with your help and thanks to you!
Donate a back-to-school kit now and thanks to you another child will come to school smiling.

Have you already donated and want to help more?
Share this page with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, text messages and wherever possible!

Thank you very much and a successful school year to all!


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