Hanukkah Events

Family gatherings are the most common way to celebrate Hanukkah.

Hanukkah, family, candles, good-food and sweets at Hanukkah Events.

Everybody gathers around their menorahs, lighting candles together and eating delicious fritters and sweet donuts.
The holiday of Hanukkah is a happy one with delicious and fine foods for many people, but not for everyone. Holocaust survivors and elderly people in need will remain alone and in the dark during the holiday, a holiday that symbolizes light.

The holiday season isn’t the same for Holocaust survivors, the elderly, and needy families. In most cases, they lack the money and resources to buy menorahs, candles, and holiday foods.

As part of the Chasadi Naomi association, we make sure that every year the elderly and the Holocaust survivors are not left alone in the dark and even that they have the opportunity to enjoy the holiday atmosphere and traditions as well.
In this year’s Hanukkah season, Chasadi Naomi association organized a number of Hanukkah parties and events throughout the country.
Hundreds of Holocaust survivors, the elderly, representatives of municipalities, volunteers and other guests attended the events.

Hanukkah parties set-up and event. party guests with holiday food and goods. Chasadi Naomi volunteers at the holiday event.

All events organized by the association included food baskets filled with fresh and fine products, as well as the symbols of the holiday: menorahs, candles, heartfelt blessings and delicious sweets. There were also donuts, refreshments, and soft drinks available.

Following a short speech by the party guests, the menorah was lit, refreshments were served, and then the songs, dancing, and joy began.

According to the participants, the parties were exciting and full of light.
Chasadi Naomi volunteers also attended all the events and danced and cheered the elderly and Holocaust survivors.
With joy and a smile, the young volunteers and the Holocaust survivors celebrated Hanukkah together. Traditionally.

Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers and donors we were able to make this happen, it was a pleasure to see everyone smiling, dancing and happy.

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