The first rain

An emergency mobilization for blankets, stoves and coats for Holocaust survivors and the elderly
Hasadi Naomi charity organization received a wave of applications after the first rains.
Elderly and Holocaust survivors contacted the organization’s offices asking for heating.

An initial response was provided by the organization’s volunteers, but after it became clear that thousands of items were needed at a high cost, an immediate emergency recruitment was opened.
Chasdei Naomi, a volunteer, says, “These people sit at home shivering in the cold,”
Our volunteers are shocked by what they see when they return home. As the rain pours in through the broken windows, people in their ninth and tenth decades wear layers of blankets and shoes to stay warm. Such a situation cannot be ignored!

These people need radiators, blankets, coats, and scarves as soon as possible.
They have suffered enough hardships throughout their lives, and they don’t deserve to suffer like this in their old age.

The elderly and Holocaust survivors need to be able to get through the winter safely,
It is not just about convenience but about a serious health issue that can lead to stagnation and even worse outcomes.
Despite the fact that many homes and apartments today have state-of-the-art heating systems or access to furnaces, those populations do not.
It is only through your donations and our sharing that they can stay warm in the winter.
As a result, helping them is extremely important.

With Chasdei Naomi, we will open an emergency center to purchase winter equipment and you can contribute and participate
By phone: 03:6777777 or on the website:, you can take part in this important mission.

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