Thousands of Holocaust survivors and elderly seniors dined during the Chag thanks to you! A Special Conclusion of the Rosh Hashanah activity 2020

Thanks to the  hard work of hundreds of “Chasdei Naomi” volunteers during the Covid-19 restrictions, Rosh Hashanah operation of distributing food packages to the elderly, Holocaust survivors and needy families ended with great success in preparation for Rosh Hashana 2020.

Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to delight thousands of Holocaust survivors and elderly seniors throughout the country with a respectful and satisfying holiday meal in the “Happy New Year to Holocaust Survivors” campaign.

This year requests for food baskets have gone up by hundreds of percents due to the outbreak of Covid-19. To donate food baskets to the elderly and Holocaust survivors, click here

We are learning to adapt to the current situation, and to the challenges that the coronavirus brings with it… in addition to this year’s grocery basket – surgical masks were added. We also had to deal with an unfortunate shortage of volunteers, and limited capsules. That’s why we reached out to anyone who wanted to volunteer and ask them to come with close family and friends! We have the honor of meeting amazing groups of volunteers! Among them, Mali Levy, Shimon Gershon and their three children who turned the packaging into a family pastime, campers from the Bnei Akiva Bat Yam branch, who came in full force to pack hundreds of boxes, and several classes in schools in the area who came to help and came to give of themselves for Holocaust survivors and the elderly!

It’s amazing to see this much done! Feel free to watch too 😊

An article broadcasted on Kan11 on television about the distribution of food baskets to Holocaust survivors and the elderly in Beit Shemesh with the help of volunteers from Kiryat Hinuch High School:

Here is a special interview by YNET with the director of the support department of Chasdei Naomi Teshuva Kabra about the association’s activities ahead of Rosh Hashanah:

Special documentation from a meeting between the representatives of Chasdei Naomi and the charities in Israel with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who promised to double the association’s budget three times ahead of the holidays:

Despite the difficulty in raising funds and recruiting volunteers this year, you joined with all your might and helped us pack all the ingredients into the food baskets and reach thousands of Holocaust survivors and the elderly and for that a huge thank you !!!

So, after thousands of food baskets have been distributed, let’s see what goes into the food basket of the Tishrei holidays this year:

Here are some pictures we captured in some special moments 🎉

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone! We wish you a happy and sweet New Year! May this year be a year of solid health, giving, a year of prosperity, blessing, and success!

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