Israel’s Chief Rabbi David Lau joins the Volunteers

Israel’s Chief Rabbi David Lau made a special visit to the centers of the Chasdei Naomi Association, during which he met volunteers who were packing groceries for the needy.  Rabbi Lau immediately joined in and began helping them prepare food packages.

A very impressive visit was made to the Chasdei Naomi charitable centers, this time in Bnai Brak, by the Honorable Chief Rabbi of Israel David Lau, who came to observe the organization’s activities.

The Chief Rabbi began his visit at the Armonot Chen catering hall and the organization’s “Chasdei Netto” store. These places are unique in that they are open to the entire population – but for orphans and widows, Chasdei Naomi subsidizes their purchase of clothing and use of the catering hall.  In this way the family does not need to spend any money but are not made to feel uncomfortable because the establishments serve everyone.  Rabbi Lau expressed his admiration for the variety of the beautiful clothing and suits and the grandeur of the catering hall. 

From here the Rabbi visited the Association’s office and the Chasdei Naomi distribution center, where he could not hide his excitement regarding the variety of fresh vegetables and extensive scope of groceries being packed for needy families. He insisted that he also wanted to fulfill this mitzvah himself and joined the young volunteers who were packing boxes for families.  From there Rabbi Lau went up to the Association’s office and blessed all of the employees there.  Emotions ran high when Rabbi Lau placed his two hands upon the head of the Association’s founder, Rabbi Yoseph Cohen, and blessed him warmly with continued health and activity. He then asked for a blessing from Rabbi Cohen by virtue of Rabbi Cohen’s merit for the extensive activities conducted by the Association, which he founded through his own hard work and which is presently celebrating 30 years of activity.



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