MK Rabbi Aryeh Deri: This is the true Ministry of Social Affairs

Rabbi Aryeh Deri visited the charitable centers of the Chasdei Naomi Association.  “Given the economic situation in the country today, we are fortunate that there is an organization like ‘Chasdei Naomi’ that concerns itself with the needy.  Chasdei Naomi is the true Ministry of Social Affairs here in Israel.”


Rabbi Aryeh Deri, chairman of the Shas faction, was extremely impressed following his visit to the Chasdei Naomi charitable centers in Bnai Brak.  He was given a comprehensive summary of the organization’s activity by the charity’s founder, Rabbi Yoseph Cohen.

Rabbi Deri learned important information about the scope of activity and number of families receiving support from Chasdei Naomi, both in terms of groceries and financially.

Rabbi Deri was visibly moved when he was shown the best quality clothing and shoes at the “Chasdei Netto” store operated by Chasdei Naomi, which are offered for free to orphans before holidays and celebrations, in addition to the use of the Armonot Chen catering halls.

Accompanying Deri on his visit were members of the Shas faction from Bnai Brak, who told him how Chasdei Naomi supports and assists underprivileged families that the municipality cannot help.  Furthermore, Chasdei Naomi showed Rabbi Deri the amount of fruit, vegetables and groceries that the needy families receive, with the volunteers surrounding him affectionately.  Rabbi Deri kissed the head of the Association’s chairman Rabbi Yoseph and said “the Chasdei Naomi Association is the true Ministry of Social Affairs in this country.”

The visit was concluded in the Armonot Chen hall when the great Scholar Rabbi Ba’adani shlita came and spoke to the entire Shas faction and their leader Rabbi Deri.  All those present thanked the Chasdei Naomi Association for its hospitality and for its ongoing assistance to the city’s residents.

חכ הרב אריה דרעי בביקור בחסדי נעמי (1)

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