Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat Visits the Jerusalem branch of Chasdei Naomi

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat Visits the Jerusalem branch of Chasdei Naomi:

“You are the cornerstone of giving, Chasdei Naomi is part of the beauty that is Jerusalem”

Later the Mayor took part in a special event to acknowledge the organization’s volunteers.

The Mayor of Jerusalem visited the Jerusalem branch of Hasdei Naomi and expressed his amazement at the extensive and welcome activity.

Mr. Barkat heard explanations regarding the organization’s network of aid to the needy, how products are collected and distributed, the packing of goods by volunteers, and much more.

The Mayor expressed interest in the number of people receiving packages and the quantities distributed by the Jerusalem branch. At the end of his visit the Mayor said:

“It is thrilling to see such a powerful expression of charity and generosity – you are the cornerstone of giving. Chasdei Naomi is an organization that saves lives and you are part of the beauty that is Jerusalem. After visiting this site I feel elated.”

From there the Mayor went to a special appreciation event for the organization’s volunteers in Jerusalem, which attended by more than 1,500 of the people who work every day of the year to help collect and pack groceries for thousands of

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families in Jerusalem and the surrounding area.

The Mayor gave an emotional greeting at the event, thanked the volunteers for their dedication and also thanked the organization’s directors for their wonderful acts of charity.

The Jerusalem branch of Chasdei Naomi is an important point from which thousands of food packages are distributed to needy families who receive these groceries on a regular basis.

Rabbi Yosef Cohen, chairman of Chasdei Naomi, thanked the Mayor for his help and support which he demonstrated in his visit. Rabbi Cohen heartily thanked the many volunteers, without whom it would not be possible to reach so many families.

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