Materna Mitzva


For over two decades, Materna Baby Formula, in collaboration with Chasdei Naomi, has been donating to families in need through a formula collection campaign.

Collect Materna Baby Formula Scoops or  Materna Baby Formula jar packages,

Deliver to Chasdei Naomi’s mobile stations or drop-off points, or send to Chasdei Naomi’s main office:

10 Bar Yochai Street, Bnei Brak 5155310 – for Materna Mitzvah 25.

The more scoops and packages you send, the more Materna will donate products for hungry infants.”

Materna, Israel’s leading baby food
company, is marking 25 years of cooperation with the Chasdei Naomi organization and its Materna Mitzvah project. This
unique cooperation has helpedt housands
of families receive high-quality babyfood,
and it manifests the close connection
between Matema and Chasdei Naomi —
a kesher shel mitzvah that began with
a small scoop and has continued for 25
Each year, for the past 25 years, Materna holds a special campaign during which
the public is asked to collect Matema
scoops or baby cereal packages and bring
them to the drop-olf points of Chasdei
Naomi. The more scoops and packages that are collected, the more Matema
donates to the organization, giving thousands of needy families products for their
Since Matema Mitzvah was established, both Materna and Chasdei Naomi
have received countless responses of
feedback from the chareidi community
about the tremendous merit that they
feel to participate in the campaign. It
helps an entire community be a partner
to food donations for needy families.
Families take care to save their scoops
and packages for a whole year for this
Materna has been accompanying
babies in Israel for generations, and is the
choice of most mothers in the chareidi sector. As such,Materna attributes the highest
priority to its connection with the chareidi
sector,both with the variety of high-quality
products with a mehudar hechsher of the
Badatz Eidah Hachareidis, and by providing guidance and advice to mothers onthe
subject of nutrition for their babies.
For this reason, Materna is launching
the campaign for the 25th time. Materna
aspires to be as close to natural nutrition
as possible, and when that is not possible,
deems it very important to provide babies
with the closest alternative.
How to participate: Collect baby formula scoops from Materna boxes, or baby
cereal packages, and send them to ChasdeiNaomi, BarYochai 10, BneiBrak. They
can also be dropped off at special cars
or drop boxes that Chasdei Naomi has
in some communities. Mark them ‘For
Materna Mitzvah’.

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