“Now it’s a good holiday” said a Holocaust survivor while lighting a candle

This year, too, “Chasdei Naomi” launched a unique campaign in honor of Hanukkah!
As part of the tradition, many Hanukkah parties were held for Holocaust survivors and the elderly-
throughout the country!

During the party, the volunteers distribute Hanukkah kits to the elderly.
The kits included a menorah and candles with sweets.
Of course, the Hanukkah kits were an addition to adequate food baskets.
The baskets included some of the holiday symbols: powdered sugar, chocolate coins, flour, oil, and jams.

A special Hanukkah event took place in sheltered housing for Holocaust survivors.
Many volunteers came to celebrate from the college for the police and students of the nearby yeshiva.
The volunteers handed out donuts, sang, danced, and lit candles in the menorah with the survivors.

“We discover that the Hanukah kit has spread light among the survivors. 
Especially to those who aren’t privileged to purchase a menorah.”

Watch the exciting party that was celebrated:

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