An exciting donation by the children of “Emunah Achuzat Sarah”

Children of “Emunah” from the Ahuzat Sarah boarding school in Bnei Brak, as every year, observed the custom of the atonement with great elegance.

The “Emunah Achuzat Sarah” is a warm and loving home for boys and girls referred to by the welfare authorities. In which characterized as children of distress from incapacitated families.

These children and teenagers have been evicted from their homes by court order and are in input apartments.

The children donated their money for the custom of atonement.

These children donated 1,600 NIS, which transferred to the Chasdei Naomi organization.

Children of Emunah from the Ahuzat Sarah Boarding School chose the association because it also helps at-risk girls.

In a letter sent by the children, they wrote: “We gathered together in the synagogue and pledged to God that if he puts each of us into a good life and peace, we all enter with him, and each signed his fingerprint in the boarding school ‘Tree of Life’.”








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