CEO of NESTLE/OSEM Visits Chasdei Naomi in Bnei Brak

OSEM NESTLE CEO Expresses Gratitude and Support for Chasdei Naomi Charity

“I am honored to be hosted here this morning at this great institution, which has been serving the community for over 40 years,” the CEO said. “Chasdei Naomi is a source of immense pride for me, as I have been an active partner with the organization for more than 25 years, along with the entire OSEM NESTLE group, including Materna.”

The CEO of OSEM NESTLE, one of the leading food companies in Israel, recently visited the Chasdei Naomi non-profit charity organization in Bnei Brak. During the visit, the CEO expressed his deep appreciation and admiration for the important work being done by Chasdei Naomi to support the people of Israel.

The CEO emphasized the crucial role that Chasdei Naomi plays in supporting the Jewish people. “It is a privilege to meet these key Jewish leaders who stand behind this important endeavor. We are merely the conduits, the channels through which the blessings and success can flow. The true source of this blessing is the children and families that Chasdei Naomi serves – they are the ones who deserve all the credit, not us.”


The CEO expressed his heartfelt wishes for the continued success and prosperity of Chasdei Naomi and the people it serves. “May they be blessed with abundance, health, and joy in all their endeavors. May they be granted success and blessing in every undertaking.”


The visit underscores the strong partnership between OSEM NESTLE and Chasdei Naomi, a relationship that has spanned over a quarter-century. This collaboration reflects the company’s commitment to supporting the vital work of charitable organizations that are making a meaningful difference in the lives of the Jewish community.

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