Passover Charity

Providing Sustenance and Solace this Passover

For over three decades, Chasdei Naomi, a non-profit charity organization, has been a beacon of hope for those in need. This Passover season was no exception, as the organization continued its unwavering commitment to supporting Holocaust survivors, the elderly, and families struggling to make ends meet. Through the generosity of donors, Chasdei Naomi ensured that no one would go to sleep hungry on the sacred Seder night.

Chasdei Naomi Passover

Passover, a time of renewal and reflection, holds a special significance for the individuals and families served by Chasdei Naomi. For many Holocaust survivors, the Seder ritual serves as a poignant reminder of the struggles and resilience of the Jewish people. Recognizing the importance of this holiday, Chasdei Naomi made it a priority to provide these cherished members of the community with the necessary resources to celebrate Passover with dignity and comfort.

Passover Care Packages

The Passover care packages distributed by Chasdei Naomi were meticulously curated to ensure that each recipient had access to all the essential items required for a kosher Seder. From matzo and wine to traditional Passover dishes and ceremonial items, these packages were a testament to the organization’s unwavering commitment to meeting the unique needs of its beneficiaries. The care and attention to detail in assembling these packages were a reflection of Chasdei Naomi’s deep respect for the traditions and experiences of those they serve.


Beyond the material provisions, Chasdei Naomi’s Passover outreach offered something equally valuable: a sense of community and belonging. For many elderly citizens and families in need, the isolation and loneliness that often accompany challenging circumstances can be overwhelming. By delivering these Passover care packages, Chasdei Naomi not only provided sustenance but also a tangible reminder that they are not alone, that there is a community that cares for their well-being and cherishes their stories. 

The impact of Chasdei Naomi’s efforts this Passover season cannot be overstated. The organization’s unwavering dedication to serving the most vulnerable members of society has touched the lives of countless individuals, restoring hope and dignity in the face of adversity. Through the generosity of its donors and the tireless efforts of its volunteers, Chasdei Naomi has ensured that no one was left behind, that every Holocaust survivor, elderly citizen, and family in need could celebrate Passover with the nourishment and support they deserve.

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