Shavuot 2022- Chasdei Naomi is working for the sake of the Holocaust Survivors!

Chasdei Naomi works throughout the year and assists Holocaust survivors.
In honor of the Holiday of Shavuot 2022, the association has conducted a special fundraising project for the distribution of dairy products to Holocaust Survivors.
Moreover, The Shavuot project is a unique project that took shape ahead of the Holiday of Shavuot and was carefully planned to take into account all the small details.










The Holiday of Shavuot is associated with dairy products. Usually, the people visit the supermarkets and purchase dairy products, and build a dairy menu for a family and festive holiday dinner.
Moreover, the shopping list usually includes different types of cheeses, a variety of dairy products, and even cheesecake.
The refrigerators in the supermarkets are emptied quickly and there are always holiday discounts!

In addition, Many purchase a wide variety of products for the holiday but there are many others who cannot afford to purchase products. The population which is in a precarious economic situation cannot afford to buy even the most basic product; milk!
Many Holocaust survivors are in a very precarious economic situation and are part of the weaker population that cannot purchase dairy products for the Holiday of Shavuot.

Lastly, Chasdei Naomi has launched a mass charity campaign on behalf of Holocaust survivors.
A whole department of volunteers has worked to order, pack, and distribute the Shavuot kits to Holocaust survivors.
In addition, the Shavuot kits were planned and the thinking process about the contents of the kit was done in collaboration with Holocaust survivors and their relatives.
Moreover, unique refrigerators were placed in the logistics warehouses, and dedicated refrigeration trucks were used to transport the products during the whole Shavuot campaign.

Eventually, the kits were distributed to several relevant distribution points, and concentrated days for distributing the goods were set.
In addition, one of the distribution points was the city of Ashdod, where 250 Shavuot kits were distributed to the Holocaust Survivors.
The dairy and food products are important but the atmosphere is no less important.
To sum up, In this distribution campaign, the Holocaust survivors also received a festive bouquet, along with a blessing that warmed their hearts, and without the assistance and donations, the project would not have been able to operate and function properly!
Thank you very much!!!


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