Sandwiches for school -That no student will be left hungry!

Every morning parents make sandwiches for their kids for school. The 10 o’clock break is the moment to take the sandwich out of the bag.
Some children take out a sandwich with hummus from their bag, some take out a sandwich with chocolate paste, and there are also children who just do not take out a sandwich.

Did you know?
Many students come to school every day without food for the 10 o’clock break.
They come without sandwiches to school, not by choice but simply because there is no food at home.
The family’s difficult financial situation leaves the children hungry during and after school.


School sandwiches – A sandwich for every child!

A new project has been established in the subsidiary association of Chasdei Naomi; Lev Naomi.
The exciting project was named “A sandwich for every child” and the idea that led the project was to bring sandwiches to school for students who really need them.
Moreover, as part of the project, volunteers will come to a designated place to prepare sandwiches that will be distributed in schools to each student who is hungry and without a sandwich.
In addition, The volunteers will prepare a variety of sandwiches with different toppings for the students to choose from.
Of the different options, a sandwich with yellow and white cheese a sandwich with tuna salad, and of course a sandwich with chocolate will also be part of the options.
The various spreads and toppings for sandwiches were selected after a survey conducted between parents and students, in which they were asked to state
which sandwich they would like to get.

How did the campaign “Sandwich for Every Child” begin?

Chasdei Naomi and Lev Naomi together support tens of thousands of families.
Both of the associations are exposed daily to the difficult financial situation of parents of children.
Moreover, In many homes, the refrigerator stands empty and sometimes is not even connected to electricity.
The recent price increases have left parents without the basic ability to take care of children except for school food.

In addition, the understanding and familiarity with the families led Lev Naomi to establish a project that would take care of food for the children at least during their time of being at school. A “sandwich for every child” makes sure that all the children have a sandwich at the 10 o’clock break and that no one is left hungry.

Why precisely sandwiches for school?
“To learn well, you have to eat well.”










The purpose of the school is to provide students with knowledge and education.
The students come to school to study, and when they come to school hungry they cannot concentrate on their studies.
in summary, the goal of “Sandwich for Every Child”, is to help students to concentrate on their studies, and not be preoccupied with the constant search for food.

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