The family that volunteered to raise their father’s soul

In Jewish mysticism, there’s a belief that there’s a way of assisting the soul of someone who passed away to ascend; from this world to the next world. There are many ways to memorialize a loved one who has passed away. This family chose to continue their father’s path, so, on his memory, they decided to do a unique activity to raise his soul.

For their dear father, Haim Ben Luna, and Yaakov, on Memorial Day, the family chose to continue his path and donated 100 food baskets to needy people. The family used to volunteer and help with food packaging and distribution.

The logistics behind the project were complex, but the desire to hold this exciting activity was immense. The family and the Chasdei Naomi team in Jerusalem worked together to make the project come true. After a long period of organization, the project finally, was executed.

Twelve representatives from the family arrived at Chasdei Naomi’s logistics warehouse in Jerusalem.

The food products they packed, were purchased with their financial donation. They added a booklet of Hefetz Chaim to each food basket – a book of the daily lesson.

The packing of food baskets was held with great excitement.

The family that gathered for this volunteer activity, felt they were doing a good deed but also giving out love and attention to the needy by packing the food baskets. The atmosphere that day was unique, and the family felt satisfied.

 We want to thank the family that initiated the project and participated. Gratitude to all the staff who attended this packing day and made those moments memorable. Chasdei Naomi wants to thank this family in the name of our supported families who received these unique food baskets.

The importance of that special day cannot be overstated.


Chasdei Naomi team in Jerusalem is happy to host family members in the warehouse and participate in the satisfying activity.

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