Chasdei Naomi and Orin Julie for the lone soldiers

An exciting collaboration was created- between the association and the weapon model Orin Julie. For the Jewish Valentine’s Day, Tu Be Av, Chasdei Naomi chose to pamper the soldiers. Orin got thrilled to help out and immediately conjoin them for the great cause.

This unique activity was held to celebrate Tu Be Av, but also as a show of appreciation for their actions at the last military operation, ” Breaking Dawn”, that took place a week before. 

Shopping vouchers were distributed by representatives of the association with the weapon model Orin Julie, to dozens of lone soldiers so they could treat themselves and curse parches whatever they wanted and whatever they need.

In addition to the shopping vouchers, the team also distributed gifts to the soldiers to sweeten the challenging week they had gone through following the military operation. 

“It takes a lot of courage to leave your home, go to Israel alone and enlist,” said Orin Julie.

The soldiers who received the vouchers were contented and thankful for all the goods they received. A lone soldier who received all presents said: “Your actions are not taken for granted… it truly helps us a lot”. 

Chasdei Naomi works for the welfare of the community but also helps disadvantaged populations; the association has set itself the goal of assisting lonely soldiers and soldiers in general as a show of appreciation for the incredible work they do to guard the country.

Donations for lone soldiers

Chasdei Naomi thanks Orin for volunteering and being a part of this activity. We also want to thank the donors who made our goal fulfill. Thanks to your kindness, lone soldiers received gifts that warmed their hearts!

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