The great winter operation of “Chasdei Naomi” for the benefit of 5,000 elderly people and Holocaust survivors – has started

Unfortunately, this year too there are thousands of elderly and Holocaust survivors who have no way to warm themselves in the cold winter!

The great charity organization “Chasdei Naomi” returns this year to the large and special project for the winter, as part of which “winter kits” will be distributed to 5,000 elderly people and Holocaust survivors.

Each winter kit contains a safe oven (radiator), a duvet, a scarf, a pair of gloves, and ear warmers.

Help us reach our destination! To join, click here!

Watch the previous actions of Chasdei Naomi’s volunteers distributing winter kits at “Beit Dani” in Tel Aviv – warming the hearts of the elderly:

Thanks to your donations, and thanks to the lovely volunteers who go out every day for distribution – we will be able to reach all the Holocaust survivors and the elderly in need!

It is our sole responsibility to lend a hand to the generation that raised us and gave us everything!

Let’s help them together – grow old with respect, warmth, and love 💞🙏🏼

Do you also want to take part in Chasdei Naomi’s huge emergency operation? Click here👇🏼 or call our hotline – +972-36777777

About Us

Chasdei Naomi has been assisting thousands of needy families, orphans, and widows 

and Holocaust survivors and lone soldiers for 36 years, with the help of 20,000 

volunteers from all over the country, operating in 40 distribution points.

More about the association’s activities can be found on our social media accounts:

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All this good activity will happen only with your help and thanks to you!

Visit our site – recruitments, and make more people happy!

Have you donated yet and want to help more?

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Thank you very much and a warm and pleasant winter to all!

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