Thanks to you- this year will be better and sweeter!

This year just like every year, the “Chasdei Naomi” organization mobilized for needy families, Holocaust survivors, and the elderly in preparation for the Tishrei holidays.

The association helps all weak people of the society who do not have the financial means to buy food for themselves.
With the money they have, they always discuss the question – medicine or bread? On what will be more needed to spend the little money they have?

The project “Happy New Year?” Created from the association’s understanding that every person should start his year in a better place than his predecessor, and ease the cruel question, which is better, satiety or health?

A medicine or a slice is a question that has been flying our Holocaust survivors for many years!
The horrible memories and sights it brings up, not satisfying!

So that no Holocaust survivor, the elderly and the needy, will experience similar heartache, the blessed project “Happy New Year”.

Provides food baskets to more than 130,000 families in more than 40 different distribution points across the country!

Even today, during the global corona crisis, in the new year 5702, thousands of people are experiencing financial difficulties and can not meet all their basic needs.

How can a Holocaust survivor, the elderly, or the needy choose between medicine and a slice of bread?

Thanks to you, our dear donors, and dedicated volunteers, this year will be better and sweeter for many!

All this good can happen only with your help and thanks to you!

Visit our site – GIUSIM, and make more people happy!

Have you donated yet and want to help more?

Share this page with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, text messages, and wherever possible!

Thank you very much! Have a good and successful year! 

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