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This Rosh Hashanah, lone soldiers are getting a special treat

Donation for lone soldiers – together, we will ensure they’re smiling on Rosh Hashanah.

Rosh Hashanah is known as a holiday of renewal. Although many buy new clothes, gifts, and so on, many others do not have the financial opportunity to do so. Lone soldiers are part of this group; Therefore, our association aims to help them.

The essence of the project

The project was established by the Lev Naomi association. Lev Naomi is a subsidiary association of Chasdei Naomi. This association aims to help and make happy the sick, weaker sections of the population, and those who need assistance.

Lev Naomi sets up special projects for the lone soldiers per their situation and as a token of appreciation for their activities. 

A new project was held in anticipation of Rosh Hashanah, which is just around the corner.

As part of the project, volunteers will distribute vouchers to the lone soldiers. These vouchers are valid at all major fashion chains, websites, and supermarkets.

orin julie


Donations for lone soldiers

Donations and assistance to the lone soldiers are very gratifying. The soldiers feel that someone cares about them and appreciates them.

In the last activity, the weapon model, Orin Julie, volunteered to distribute shopping vouchers. The soldiers who received vouchers were moved and were very thankful.

In honor of Rosh Hashanah, the association decided to expand its activities in this sector and help more lone soldiers. The soldiers will be able to buy anything they want using these tokens.

Thanks in advance to everyone who will participate in this important project. Every donation helps the association’s team reach more soldiers and distribute more shopping vouchers.

Lev Naomi Association

Lev Naomi Association is a daughter association of Chasdei Naomi. The association operates voluntarily, with no salary recipients at all.

The association was established in 1994 to help the weaker sections of the population. Lev Naomi’s team makes sure to make happy and improve the mood of the association’s supporters in different and diverse ways.

The donations to the association are a deductible expense for Israeli tax purposes according to section 46.

The team thanks everyone who contributes to the project and donates to the lone soldiers.

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