Watch the shaky testimony – the elderly are trying to live with dignity from an impossible pension!

Out of an understanding of the painful reality, the establishment of a dedicated fund was announced by Lev Naomi.

Lev Naomi’s fund is a fund dedicated to funding medicines and medical treatments for the elderly and Holocaust survivors.

The horrible thought is that these underprivileged populations are forced to give up health because of a shocking economic inability!

Watch the hard evidence:

Luba, an 86-year-old Holocaust survivor, shares the pain and financial hardship:
“I only get money from Social Security, it’s not enough for me for everything I need to buy”

It’s hard to think of a reality where people like me and you, are forced to give up buying drugs, just because they are elderly with no financial income!

You can donate on the GIUSIM website.

All funds will be transferred to the treatments and medical assistance required!

Want to help? Share the link to the mass recruitment page on the GIUSIM website:

Lev Naomi works every year to help anyone who asks, especially during the difficult time we are in.
Lev Naomi is here for you more than ever!

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