Chasdei Naomi is warming up the Winter Weather with a Special Project

Winter Project Returns

The winter weather in Israel brings with it special initiatives to provide assistance and warmth to the elderly and Holocaust survivors. Chasdei Naomi returns with its special winter project these days, an exciting initiative aimed at spreading warmth in the homes and hearts of the elderly, Holocaust survivors, and, due to the situation, also to Soldiers and Displaced families.

As the temperatures drop and winter is already here, Chasdei Naomi returns with its winter project focusing on distributing heating kits with a variety of equipment designed to warm the body and home. Many Holocaust survivors and elderly individuals in Israel live below the poverty line, lacking not only the means to purchase proper food but also to heat their bodies and homes.

Some of them have outdated heating systems that sometimes don’t even work, while others have dangerously outdated heating stoves that pose a risk of ignition. Most Holocaust survivors and the elderly in difficult economic situations live in harsh conditions during winter, in cramped homes. They don’t open windows and ventilate their homes to prevent them from getting colder.

About the Winter Project

Chasdei Naomi’s Winter Project takes place every year during the winter season. The organization primarily assists the elderly and Holocaust survivors in staying warm and surviving the winter weather. Every year, special winter kits are distributed by Chasdei Naomi, providing not only physical support but also a warm feeling and care for Holocaust survivors. 

Winter Distribution During the Iron Swords War

Due to the ongoing war, Chasdei Naomi’s winter distribution faces new challenges. Volunteers from Magen David Adom (MDA) are collaborating with Chasdei Naomi to prepare the winter kits. These kits include items essential for winter, ensuring that the recipients, whether elderly, Holocaust survivors, soldiers, or displaced families, have the means to stay warm.

The Political Situation in Israel during the Iron Sword War prompted Chasdei Naomi to expand its Winter Project. The organization decided to assist those affected on the front lines by distributing winter kits to soldiers and displaced families. Soldiers often find themselves in areas where heating equipment is not always available, and they need every

means to keep warm. Families who left their homes during the summer are now without any heating equipment, facing the cold weather in many parts of the country. 

Chasdei Naomi distributes heating kits with a wide range of heating tools. These kits include high-quality warm wool blankets, scarves, warm socks, gloves, hats, neck warmers, indoor shoes, emergency lighting, and more. All the equipment is purchased specifically for the Winter Project by Chasdei Naomi, thanks to the generous support of the public. This way, the organization manages to help many elderly individuals and Holocaust survivors who would otherwise freeze from both the cold and lack of resources, as well as soldiers and families affected by the conflict.

Warming the Weather in the Homes of Holocaust Survivors

Chasdei Naomi has been assisting the elderly and Holocaust survivors for many years. The close relationship with this population led the organization to make the decision to visit the homes of lonely Holocaust survivors and provide them with heating kits and warm care.

Most Holocaust survivors live on meager allowances and social assistance; many don’t even have a pension. They are forced to make daily survival decisions, such as choosing between buying food or medicine, between obtaining medications or heating their homes and bodies. No one should have to make such choices, and it’s unimaginable that these individuals find themselves in such dilemmas.

The Winter Operation is just beginning, and Chasdei Naomi is contacting its supporters to ensure that everything is in order for the coming winter. The organization takes care of their most basic needs, especially during the cold winter. The Hatzalah Naomi team arrived at the homes of lonely Holocaust survivors with heating kits. The survivors were very excited to receive the warm care and, of course, the special winter kits. They received basic but crucial equipment for maintaining body and home warmth: food, blankets, heating stoves, quality indoor shoes, warm socks, scarves, emergency lighting, and more. 

Joining the Winter Project

Chasdei Naomi’s Winter Project successfully operates and assists thousands during the winter chill, thanks to the numerous supporters of the project. You can participate in the kit packaging activity as a volunteer or contribute to the winter fundraising campaign of Hatzalah Naomi. Every donation, large or small, brings us one step closer to achieving the goal of warming hearts and homes this winter.

Join Chasdei Naomi and take part in this blessed project. You can contribute to the project by clicking here.

Share the campaign on social media, spread the information, and help the organization create a warmer reality in the winter of 2024!


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