Celebrating Tu Bishvat with Hospitals in Israel

Tu BiShvat for Israel’s Medical Staff

“You guys are GREAT! I remember donating to you as a child, thank you for remembering us!” -Says N. ( IDF Soldier who was being treated at the Barzilai Hospital in the South of israel )

This Year, Chasdei Naomi, and Lev Naomi, assembled hundreds of Tu BiShvat Gift Baskets, and distributed them to Hospitals all over Israel.

October 7

Since October 7th, Hospital Staff have been working non stop to try and save everyone who comes through their doors. The Hospitals we visited in the south were the first to receive the victims of the Massacre on October 7th 2024.


We arrive with arms full of gifts to distribute to the Soldiers and Medical Staff in the Hospitals. Chasdei Naomi has been Assisting, Strengthening and Comforting the Soldiers, and Evacuated Citizens of Israel since the Iron Swords War broke out.


Tens of thousands of volunteers have donated their time and energy to assembling and distributing care packages and food to all those who need it. As Chasdei Naomi walked through the different Hospital wings, we were greeted with open arms and warm smiles.

The exhausted medical staff was delighted to receive the generous pick me up. The Tu BiShvat gifts include Chocolates, Candy, Dried Fruit, a variety of nuts, and goodies that are traditional for Tu BiShvat.


Soldiers and EMT’s we met along the way also received the Tu BiShvat treats, and were all being consumed  by the time we headed to our next destination. 


Chasdei Naomi thanks the Medical Staff, Hospitals, Soldiers, and everyone who has been caring for the citizens of israel during these difficult times. 

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