60 days of war and the first night Hanukah

60 day Summary with Chasdei Naomi

Tonight we light the first candle of Hanukah this year, and across Israel, together with the Hanukkah candles, candles are lit in memory of our loved ones. In these two months, Chasdei Naomi visits the homes of families and IDF bases to bring them light.

Despite the great pain, there is a lot of hope that is reflected in Chasdei Naomi’s wide variety of activities. 


Washing machines for soldiers, Holocaust survivors who prepare hot food for us to bring to IDF bases, distribution of warm clothing to the displaced families; these are some examples of the ways in which Chasdei Naomi mobilized, and invested all of our energy into three significant projects. To help, strengthen and comfort the families in the south, the displaced families , the grieving families, and the IDF soldiers.

Thousands of volunteers and donors mobilized together with Chasdei Naomi, to provide a broad response of aid to the populations affected by the war. At the same time, we help the Holocaust survivors, the elderly, and all the families who need the association’s support on a regular basis.


The association mobilized to help families with specialized food packages containing a wide variety of basic products and new clothing.

Chasdei Naomi distributes new and high-quality products. The association purchases the products thanks to the support of the public. The donations to the association allow Chasdei Naomi to help many families.


Many volunteers came to the warehouse to help package food. The volunteers these past 60 days come with a sense of objective and a desire to help. The assembled food baskets are sent to families in the south directly to their homes, or through organized distribution points.


In addition, the association’s distribution spots throughout the country have been converted into collection points as well. Many citizens arrived, and brought with them products for donation and distribution. The branch managers collected all the products, packed, and delivered everything to the soldiers and families.


Chasdei Naomi founded the project “COMFORT”  for condolence visits and support for the grieving families since the disaster on Saturday 07.10. The Chasdei Naomi team comes to the bereaved families with care packages, soft drinks, and cakes. In these visits, the staff lends a listening ear to the families, and gives a hug to those who need it.


In the two months since the war broke out, the association also accompanies the families who request more assistance, when necessary.

Chasdei Naomi is working these days to help all the victims of the terrible war that started on Saturday 07.10.23.

The Chasdei Naomi association has been operating for almost 40 years and routinely helps thousands of families, elderly people, and Holocaust survivors. Since 7.10.2023, the association has mobilized to act, and help the residents of the frontline and the soldiers. Hanukah this year, Chasdei Naomi brings light to those who need it the most. 

You can see all of Chasdei Naomi’s projects here

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